Infino Restru – a tool
for restructuring advisors

Are you looking for an intuitive tool for real-time data analysis that makes it easy for clients to complete information in the system themselves, while minimising the risk of errors during the restructuring process?

Meet Infino Restru – a state-of-the-art module for restructuring experts.

Would you like to see how Infino Restru works? We invite you to test the latest module.


Key functionalities
Infino Restru:


Self-completion of data by the customer

Your customers can easily and intuitively enter the necessary information directly into the system, speeding up the process and minimising the risk of errors.


Analysis and visualisation of the financial situation

Transparent insight into the current financial health of your customers through dynamic visualisations and statements.


Automatic indicator analysis with trend indication

Infino Restru analyses financial indicators, highlighting important trends and areas that require your attention in the future.


Modelling scenarios and arrangement proposals

Experiment and tailor different restructuring scenarios to find the most optimal solution for each client.


Voting simulations for different stakeholder groups

Find out how different creditor groups might react to the arrangement proposals, allowing you to better prepare for negotiations.


Complete restructuring plan

Easily create comprehensive restructuring plans that are coherent, clear and ready for presentation to stakeholders.


Monitor the implementation of the arrangement

Monitor progress and ensure that the restructuring plan is being implemented as agreed.

Discover the advantages of Infino Restru

Infino Restru is not just a tool – it is the future in restructuring.

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