Empower your office.

Discover the all-in-one solution for your law firm. Our software for law firms supports all types of business proceedings, restructuring and bankruptcies.

Our clients have increased the number of cases handled by nearly 200% in the past two years compared to the previous year.

Many lawyers dream of transforming their workplace into a modern office.

The requirements of the market pose many challenges that are difficult to meet without the assistance of technology. Infino combines functions that help you optimize processes and increase your work efficiency. Our modules for tasks, correspondence, automatic work time counting and letter generating are just a few of the examples of how your office can operate more efficiently.

Infino allows you to:

  • Record working time automatically and intuitively

    Your and your employees’ working time will be calculated automatically using a virtual clock. You can also export the time spent on specific activities at the end of the month to an Excel file.

  • Manage the tasks of your team in a fast and efficient way from anywhere

    Using our kanban board, you can easily and effectively manage your team and tasks. The task module gives you the ability to control the workflow and view tasks in real time.

  • Automatically create large numbers of documents based on ready-made templates

    You don’t have to create letters manually – Infino Legal will do it for you. This will save you many hours of work.

  • Define the types of proceedings you want to conduct

    You can name the types of your proceedings, as well as define text fields for them according to your needs.

  • Support the process of smooth flow of correspondence and documentation

    The work of your front office will be more efficient, and documents and correspondence will be properly organized and archived.

  • Store files in various formats in a secure and convenient way

    You can store files in different formats, so that you can have all the necessary documents in one place.

  • Keep a record of conversations and add notes on an ongoing basis

    The notes record will help you maintain productivity and make sure that you won’t forget why the customer called you a few months ago.