Automation of law firm work – why is it so important?

Working in the legal industry poses an increasing number of challenges. Those responsible for managing law firms are increasingly asking themselves how to effectively optimize daily work so that it translate into measurable results. Importantly, this applies to both large law firms and one-person legal practices.

Indeed, regardless of the number of employees, law firms face similar difficulties and struggle with very similar pain points that affect their competitiveness. Modern legaltech IT solutions can be an ally in these struggles. Automating many processes in a law firm is a recipe for more efficient functioning of all departments and more effective flow of information between them. But what do we really gain by deciding to automate work in the company?

Work automation = Efficiency and growth

A basic need of a growing brand is to increase efficiency. Law firms are no exception in this regard. The number of cases handled translates into financial results, employee satisfaction and most importantly, investment opportunities on the ground for further development of the law firm.

The legal industry in Poland is growing rapidly. Therefore, increasing efficiency is an important factor in terms of competitiveness. And it’s difficult to be a competitive entity in the market today without efficient and multifunctional software, which takes some of the responsibilities off our shoulders and makes it easier for employees to perform assigned tasks.

Partial or complete automation of internal processes translates into informed, efficient management, faster case processing and thus more effective legal assistance provided to clients. In short, it leads to increased efficiency. CRM systems, which allow for the automatic handling of law firms, provide a chance to achieve better results and this is followed by completely new opportunities for business development.

Valuable time

Another aspect that can’t be overestimated in daily work is time. We know very well that its optimal use translates into both financial and non-financial benefits. Automation of key processes in a company is the best solution to save this time and thus provide services to more customers while maintaining the highest quality. CRMs were created especially to eliminate time unnecessarily wasted on labor-intensive, repetitive activities:

  • creation of necessary documents and invoices
  • generation of reports
  • controlling the flow of information
  • outsourcing
  • recording the working time of employees
  • eventually electronic
  • smooth circulation of documents and correspondence

Among other thing CRM comes to our aid in these fields. It’s worth noting that saving also translates into the comfort of all employees, which in turn allows you to gain additional energy and increase the efficiency of the team in providing legal services.

Improving Customer Service

Increased convenience and time savings achieve yet another goal. Automation leads to a significant improvement in the quality of customer service. This is a natural consequence of streamlining operations. A law firm must have time for its clients, who need to feel that their case is being given the appropriate amount of care. Time devoted to the relationship with clients makes it possible to know their expectations and respond to their concerns. After all, satisfaction from cooperation with a law firm comes not only from the efficient handling of proceedings, but also from the nature and quality of the service the client receives.

A sense of security, trust, good and regular contact with lawyers, constant access to legal information – these are elements that often determine the success of your law firm. Technological solutions such as CRMs, while taking on numerous responsibilities, therefore provide space to build lasting relationships with partners. Through automation, we therefore gain benefits that are immeasurable but at the same time strategically crucial to success in the industry.

It’s worth investing in the right software

Nowadays, the IT market is full of offers of systems that support office operations.   However, when deciding on a specific IT tool to help manage a law firm, the first thing to do is to make sure that it is dedicated to the legal industry.. Not all CRM systems will meet the needs of a law firm due to the professional nature of tasks and processes. The technology we reach for must not only be intuitive but also adapted to the realities of the industry.

Infino Legal’s innovative law firm management system offers a full set of functionalities that will work well for the various departments of a law firm. It was a key fact for us to learn as much as possible about the reality in which legal advisors operate. Behind us were hundreds of hours of conversations and meetings with our audience to study their needs. That’s why we offer a program that is closely tailored to the industry’s requirements, making it easy to implement the system, and we ensure that the functionality package is constantly developed and expanded to meet any new challenges that may arise in the future. We are also able to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in the sphere of management and work organization.

Prudent selection of a tool to support your daily work is a certain key to achieving the best results. That’s why work automation isn’t so much the future of law firms, but a trend already prevalent throughout the industry. It’s proving to be a decisive factor in achieving a competitive advantage and therefore shouldn’t be ignored.

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