How to enter scans from a scanner?

In Infino Legal, scanned correspondence can be input in three ways. 

Scan directly from your scanner 

To input documents directly from the scanner, you first need to add the Infino Legal program email address to the scanner’s address book. 

The individual email address for your Law Firm can be found in the main menu under “Correspondence” -> “Scans ready for indexing” -> “Send scans”. Each scanner is different, so please contact us if you need individual assistance. 

Always scan documents in PDF format, as Infino Legal does not read other formats. The files will automatically be sent to the “Correspondence” tab on the “Scans ready for indexing” subpage. If Infino Legal encounters any issues importing the document from the email, the program may place the scans in the “Rejected emails” tab. 

Attach files from your computer 

If you already have scanned documents in PDF format on your computer’s disk, you can attach them to the system using the “Drag and drop here” screen. 

To attach a file through “Drop here”, go to the “Scans ready for indexing” tab and click the “Send scans” button. The following screen will appear: 

You can drag and drop files into the designated field or click on the prompt to select files from your computer. 

Send documents via email 

If you already have documents in your email inbox, you can easily input them into the system. Just send an email with attachments to the Infino Legal address. 

The email address is displayed as shown in the example below. Please ensure that the attachments are in PDF format. 


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