How to create a task package?

In Infino Legal, there is a possibility to create automatic task packages. Once defined, a task package can be reused across any procedure or project, making it easier to manage work and save time in task creation. 

Within task packages, you can: 

  • create task package templates for repeated use, 
  • develop task packages specific to ongoing procedures or projects,
  • monitor task progress,
  • arrange task sequence within a package, 
  • assign tasks to specific individuals, 
  • determine label color for the package. 

In Infino Legal, you can create two types of task packages: 

  • task packages – used on a one-time basis, 
  • task package templates – reusable across specific types of procedures or projects.

Create a task package 

To create a one-time-use task package: 

  1. Go to the main menu and navigate to the Tasks tab, then select Task packages or use the “+” icon on any screen and choose Task package. 
  2. Click “Create new package”. 
  3. Fill in the package name and select a responsible person. 
  4. Set a start date (from when the task completion deadline is counted) and an end date (task completion deadline). You’ll be able to adjust task durations individually during task creation, as per your needs. 
  5. Add a package description (optional). 
  6. Click “Save”.

The next step is to add tasks to the package, set responsible persons, and assign an appropriate color to the package. 

Add tasks to a task package 

To add a task to a task package: 

  1. Within the newly created task package, use the “Add new task” button. 
  2. Choose an existing task (you can choose several) or create a new task. 
  3. Fill in the task title, its duration, and when you want to be notified about the approaching task completion date. 
  4. Click “Save”. 

Create a task package template from package

If you’ve created a task package that might be useful for other procedures or activities, you can generate a task package template from it. 

To do so: 

  1. Access the task package. 
  2. Click the three-dot icon and select “Create template from package”. 
  3. Define the default task duration within the package and click “Create”. 

The package automatically becomes a template, which can be easily utilized on another occasion. 

Create a task package template 

A task package template serves for procedures and projects involving similar recurring activities. By creating a template once, you can automatically add it to each subsequent procedure, saving a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on individual task creation. 

To create a task package template  

  1. Go to the main menu and navigate to the Tasks tab, then select Task package templates. 
  2. Click “Create new template”. 
  3. Fill in the template name. 
  4. Define the default task duration within the package and provide a description (optional). 
  5. Click “Save”.

To add a task to a task package template 

  1. In the newly created template, use the “Add new task” button. 
  2. Fill in the task title, its duration, and when you want to be notified about the approaching task completion date. 
  3. Click “Save”. 

Add task packages to a proceeding  

After defining tasks within a template, you can add them to a specific proceeding. 

To add template tasks to a particular proceeding: 

  1. Access the procedure where you want to add the task package. 
  2. Navigate to the Tasks tab. 
  3. On the right side of the screen, click the “Create task” arrow-down button and choose “New task package from template”. 
  4. Select the template. 
  5. Specify the person responsible for the tasks and the start date, from which the task completion deadline will be counted. 
  6. Click “Save”. 

Tasks will automatically appear on the kanban board under the “To Do” column. You can edit any data within the task package view. 

Edit task packages 

All data related to the package, including task sequence, responsible person, task status, and package label color, can be edited. In the task package view, click the element you wish to edit. 

For individual tasks within the package, click the three-dot icon in the “Action” column and choose “Edit”. 

Task packages help save time in creating new tasks, automate recurring actions, and provide smoother monitoring of task deadlines. 

View of task packages 

Effortlessly edit task packages and tasks: 

Within a created task package, you can easily modify: 

  • task sequence, 
  • responsible person, 
  • task status, 
  • package label color. 

Just click on the relevant element and choose the desired data. When changing task sequence, grab the task by its first icon and move it to the appropriate position. 

Monitor task progress 

You can track task progress in two places: 

  • In the Task packages tab in the main menu, 
  • On the view of a specific task package. 



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