How to change notification settings?

How to change notification settings 

To change notification settings in Infino Legal: 

  1. Navigate to the menu and go to the Dashboard tab, then click three dot icon and select Notifications settings. 
  2. Choose notifications you want to receive immediately via email, as well as those that should be sent collectively in a daily summary. 

Regardless of your email configuration, all notifications are instantly visible on your profile in Infino Legal. 

Disabling notifications 

If you don’t want to receive certain notifications in the daily summary, simply uncheck those notifications as follows: 

  1. Navigate to the menu and go to the My account tab, then select Account settings. 
  2. Click “Show notification settings” button.
  3. In the Notifications column, mark the notifications you don’t want to receive in the daily summary. 
  4. Click “Save”.


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