How to create a new proceeding?

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To add a new proceeding, go to the “Proceedings” -> “New Proceeding” tab. You can also do this from any location in the system by clicking on the “+” icon -> “Proceeding” located in the upper right corner. 

Add a proceeding 

To create a new proceeding: 

  1. Click “New proceeding” on the screen with proceedings list. 
  2. Then search the entity and proceeding type. Remember that you need to add the contact of the entity first before you can add them to the proceeding. 
  3. The next step is to fill in brief instruction of the proceeding. 
  4. Choose the responsible attorney and the responsible person who will be notified of upcoming deadlines and tasks by default. 
  5. Select the office handling this proceeding. 
  6. Designate the court where the proceeding will be conducted and the judge. If you cannot find the court in the list, click “Create new contact”. 
  7. The next step is to fill in file references numbers and user fields 
  8. Then fill in the dates by clicking “+” on the gray field with the proceeding dates. 
  9. Save the insolvency account number, and the name of the insolvency bank account will be automatically retrieved. 
  10. If you want to automatically observe all new tasks in the proceeding, check the box next to “Automatically observe all new tasks in the proceeding”. 
  11. Click “Continue” to save the proceeding.  


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