How to add a new employee to your office?

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In Infino Legal, you can independently add new employees to your law office. 

To add a new user: 

  • From the main menu, click on the “Office” tab -> “Users and access”. 
  • Then click on “Add employee”. 
  • Fill in the employee’s details and specify their role in the organization. 
  • Click “Next”. 
  • Choose the level of access granted to the employee and click “Save”. 

With this functionality, you can easily and quickly introduce new employees to the system, ensuring they are integrated into your office’s workflow from the beginning. You can actively manage access to proceedings and other data in the system for authorized employees. The next step is to prioritize and delegate tasks, leveraging the strengths of your team. This allows for increased work efficiency and overall team productivity. 

To learn how to effectively manage workflow using a Kanban board, refer to the instructions: How to use Kanban board. 

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