How to add a scan to existing correspondence?

To add a scan to existing correspondence, first scan the document and upload the scan to Infino Legal. For more information on this, refer to the article: How to enter scans from a scanner?

After uploading the scan, from the left menu, select “Correspondence” -> “All correspondence”. This will display a list of all entered correspondence. 

On the list of correspondence and on the proceedings card, each item is accompanied by an icon symbolizing whether the scan of that document has been uploaded to the system. 

  • A red icon means no scan is available. 
  • A green icon means the scan is available. 
  • A red icon suggests no source file, while a green one indicates that the file is available. 

Click on the correspondence to which you want to attach the scan. On the correspondence card, click the “Attach scan” button. 

On the next screen, you can choose the scan to attach. The Bankruptcy and Document fields will already be automatically filled. 

Alternative way to add a scan to existing correspondence 

If the document you want to scan has a stamped date of receipt by the office and a file number, there is a faster way to attach it in the system. 

Begin by scanning and uploading the document to Infino Legal. 

From the left menu, select “Correspondence” -> “Scans ready for indexing”. This will display a list of all uploaded scans. 

From the list, select the scan you want to attach to an existing correspondence in the system. 

On the next screen, at the bottom of the “Enter new correspondence” card, you’ll find the section “Attach confirmation”. You can click field “Recipient” to find recipient and correspondence by name.  

If the document already has a recorded file number, you can use it to quickly attach the document in the system. Click “Enter number”, and on the next screen, fill in the year and document number. 

Infino Legal will find the record with the given number and link the scan to it, ensuring it is placed under the appropriate bankruptcy and date. 



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