How to remove a duplicate contact?

A duplicate contact refers to a situation where two copies of the same contact were created by mistake. 

If the contacts are similar but differ in some details, such as the company’s location, it is not recommended to merge them. 

Delete a duplicate contact 

If you want to delete a single duplicate contact: 

1. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select “Contacts“, and then click on “Contact List”. 

2. Click on the contact you want to keep (e.g., the one with complete data or without errors). 

3. Next to the contact’s name, click on the three dots icon and select “Duplicates”. 

The system may suggest a contact that can be merged. Alternatively, there might be a situation where the system doesn’t suggest possible duplicates, for example, when the spelling of the contact names is different. In that case, you can manually choose the contact from the list that you want to merge. 

4. Choose or enter the contact you want to merge. 

5. Click “Merge”. 

On the screen, you’ll see information that the merging of objects is irreversible. 

6. If you are certain about merging the selected contacts, click “Understood, merge objects”. If you want to double-check whether you’ve selected the correct contacts to merge, choose “Cancel”. 

During the merging process, Infino Legal ensures that no data will be lost. It transfers all correspondence, tasks, and other objects associated with the duplicate being deleted. It also combines values from fields such as address and phone number – no information will be deleted. Even if one duplicate has an email and the other has a phone number, after merging, the contact will have both the email and the phone number. 

And what if both duplicates have something entered in the same field? In this case, one copy will have the landline phone, and the other will have the mobile phone. Nothing will be erased – a note with the second phone number will appear after merging the contact. 

Change history 

Information about the merging of duplicates is available in the Change History. It includes a record with details of which contacts were merged (using internal identifiers from the database) and which fields were transferred. 

To access the Change History: 

  1. Click on the three dots next to the contact’s name. 
  2. Choose “Change history”. 

If you have multiple duplicates to merge, refer to the instruction: How to clean up duplicates from the contact list.



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