How to clean up duplicates in the contact list?

The following instructions are for general cleaning of the contact list. If you want to delete a single duplicate contact, please refer to the instructions:  How to delete a duplicate contact 

If you want to delete more than one contact: 

  1. From the menu on the left side of the screen, select “Contacts”, and then click on “Merge duplicates”. 
  2. The screen will display suggested duplicates to merge. 
  3. Choose the Similarity level – High, Medium, Low (determining the degree of contact identity) and click “Search”. It’s best to start with high similarity, i.e., the most similar contacts. Once you clean up the highly similar ones, you can move on to medium and low similarity. 
  4. Select the contact items that repeat or check “There are no duplicates here”, if the contacts are not duplicates. 
  5. Click “Save”. 

Carefully examine the duplicates suggested by the system. If you want to view a detailed description of the contact and check if the contacts are identical, click on the magnifying glass icon. In a new browser window, contact details will appear, allowing you to determine if it’s a duplicate in that case. 

After clicking “Save”, the merging process may take even several dozen seconds because Solvbot transfers all correspondence, tasks, and other objects associated with the deleted duplicates. It also carries over values from fields such as address, phone number – no information will be deleted. Even if one duplicate has an email and the other has a phone number, after merging, the contact will have both the email and the phone number. Additionally, a note will be added to inform about the merge. 

Once you clean up the list of high-similarity duplicates, you can go back to the top and reduce the similarity level to “Medium”. Infino Legal will suggest more duplicates. It’s worth regularly cleaning up duplicates in Solvbot – it will facilitate work throughout the system. 


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